Award Results 2021

Our Awards are a look back to the previous year.

They recognise, celebrate, and promote the achievements and excellence of our apprentices and their employers.

Our winners are those who have excelled whilst completing their apprenticeship or be progressing on track, if not ahead, have brought new ideas and enthusiasm into their business making a real impact with a natural ability, mentored or managed apprentices, consistently going above and beyond to help them achieve or be an organisation that is committed to apprenticeships and be a great place to work.

Well done to all our winners and to all those who were nominated for an award!

Apprentice of the Year 2021

Joint Winners

Cameron Lutt – Ball Corporation
Thomas Joyner – Norbar Torque Tools 

Judged and sponsored by The Manufacturer

Cameron Lutt

Nomination by Mark Carpenter 

Cameron is reliable, with an excellent attitude. He continues to impress his employer with his development and ability to take on board and adapt his skills. Cameron is a polite, well-mannered young man who is happy to apply himself to any given task. He is working towards a Level 3 College course and is making every effort to achieve the best grades he can. Of particular note were his efforts to meet work demands during the pandemic.

Endorsement by Steve Howard, Ball Corporation

From the initial interview, Cameron came across as a candidate mature beyond his years. His confidence has grown and presentation skills improved from year to year. During the pandemic he had to adjust to a flexible working environment, he remained focused and eager to help with specific tasks including carrying out vital measurements and profile tracing of tooling in the mechanical laboratory. He helped the department by running weekly reports and transferring the data into Minitab presentations to provide to the engineering team. Steve Bass – Tool Room Manager at Ball Milton Keynes states “Cameron has worked well to understand the requirements in the tool room and can now carry out various tasks under minimum supervision. He has also produced some Standard Operating Procedures that will help new employees and retrain existing ones.” This is the first apprenticeship position for our department and Cameron’s assistance has helped shape the direction of progress. He has set a high bar for others to follow in the future.

Judging by The Manufacturer 

The Manufacturer felt the Training Officer and employer opinions of Cameron were excellent. His determination to overcome challenges and adapt to changes during the pandemic demonstrate his flexibility to adapt and learn. Based on the evidence his future prospect within the manufacturing industry is outstanding.

Thomas Joyner

Nomination by Rob Alderman 

Tom’s current journey has not been a simple one due to dealing with some personal challenges; however, the improvements that I have witnessed are down to his determination to be the best he can be. His log entry quality has consistently improved which he has not found easy, but we have worked together along with the support of Norbar and made some very big steps forward. Through his hard work Tom, has become a valued member of the team.

Endorsement by Norbar Torque Tools

Tom is a well-mannered, polite, mature individual who requires minimum supervision. He is a ‘joy to work with’ and ‘an absolute pleasure’. He has made significant improvements in his learning following Norbar supported external professional help with his learning style. His college tutor
commented -“Tom is producing the best finished work I have ever seen from an apprentice, as near to perfect if not perfect. I have never seen that of anyone before.” 
He jointly participated in work experience week at a local school promoting apprenticeships at Norbar, where he presented to approximately 20-30 Year 11 students. He also voluntarily offered to attend further careers events. He participated in a recruitment video for the company to help promote Norbar as an employer of choice.

Judging by The Manufacturer 

The Manufacturer felt the Training Officer and employer opinions of Tom were excellent. His determination to overcome obstacles and challenges is worth commending and future prospects within the industry were outstanding.

Trevor Woodger MBE Award


Intermediate Award: Adam Leadbeater - SRD Engineering 

Advance/Higher Award: Jordan Barber - Variohm Eurosensor

Judged by ET Trustees

Adam Leadbeater

Nomination by Chris Bryant

Adam is an outstanding apprentice who has really impressed in every area he has worked in during the different stages of his apprenticeship. Not only has he learned the tasks set out before him, but he has become a very valued and dependant part of the SRD team. He is very versatile and his willingness to help is faultless. He has been in the Milling, Turning and Inspection departments; with all the relevant staff wanting Adam integrated into their team, which is credit to how Adam works. 

Supporting statement by Adam Leadbeater

I believe teamwork is one of the most important skills needed in my job. Resilience is another important skill to have when machining. There are a few jobs that take hours if not days to run correctly, if I was to give up easily then I do not think I would be in the position I am in now.

Judging by the ET Trustees

The nomination demonstrates a clear impact that Adam has had within company. His willingness to go above and beyond by working late to meet customer demands is commendable. The employer believes in him and asks Adam to help on additional projects which is a fantastic achievement so early in his career and a sign for things to come.

Jordan Barber

Nomination by Emma Pochodzaj 

Jordan has shown an exceptional ability to adapt and progress. After his apprenticeship with Engineering Trust Training, Jordan went on to undertake a degree course via the Open University. He picked this route so he could remain in full time employment whilst studying and achieved his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2021. He has worked his way up through engineering positions to his current role as Engineering Manager overseeing a team of five. Jordan is a dedicated employee, with experience in multiple departments. This gives him the ability to make fully considered decisions and understand the implications for those departments. He is highly focussed on efficiency, always preferring to find the systematic solutions that ensure repeatability and accountability.

Judging by the ET Trustees

Jordan demonstrates clear positive impact with his contribution to the design and development of automated tooling in reducing labour time and improving quality and implementation of ISO. He is a responsible team member and positively represents his company through participation in numerous charitable events. Jordan’s impact within the company, approach to professional development over and above the apprenticeship and future prospect within the industry is outstanding.

Above and Beyond Award


Robert ‘Bob’ Bannister 

Judged and sponsored by TBAT Innovation Limited

Robert ‘Bob’ Bannister

Nomination by Tom Riley 

Robert ‘Bob’ Bannister has been a highly valued and important member of Norbar’s team for 27 years and is our CNC Manufacturing Cell Leader. He has selflessly given his all to support apprentices at Norbar. Bob is not just a great mentor; he is a fantastic role model to all who walk through Norbar’s doors. He is always on hand to give the perfect advice whether it be about setting a CNC machine or about something that may be going on in your personal life, and genuinely cares about how apprentices are progressing with their NVQ’s and BTECS. He always ensures that his teaching is to the highest standards and that I learn from even the smallest of my mistakes; even if this means he has to take hours/ days to ensure this. Bob fills every apprentice with confidence because he believes in every single one of us and ensures that we know this. Bob single handily makes the machine shop and Norbar a more inviting and brighter place to work.

Judging by the TBAT 

Robert ‘Bob’ Bannister - he has 27 years’ experience, helped countless apprentice and his apprentices have received nominations for awards over the years. He has a glowing review – “Bob fills every apprentice with confidence because he believes in every single one of us and ensures that we know this.”

Employer of the Year


Lucy Electric

Judged and sponsored by Priddy Marketing

Lucy Electric

Nomination by Dennis 

At Lucy Electric health and safety is important and I always feel that I am in a safe working environment. I had the opportunity to visit our Dubai Factory and the one-week trip helped in developing my product knowledge and allowed me to experience a different culture. It helped build my confidence and allowed me to meet colleagues that I had only spoken to over the phone or on Teams. This was a fantastic experience for during my apprenticeship and one I shall always remember and refer to in the future. I also went to a test house in Germany where I witnessed important product testing and gained insight and understanding of the consequences should our products ever fail. I also worked within a team to understand requirements for global certification for our products. I’m grateful for the opportunities Lucy Electric has given me, it’s a great place for future apprentices and a company which cares and supports every individual while giving them the opportunity to grow within the company.

Judging by the Priddey Marketing 

The apprentice values the supported he receives across all levels of the business and it is clear he has been encouraged to grow in confidence as well as in technical skill. What made this application stand out was the depth and breadth of engineering training provided, as well as the opportunity to experience different national and international work settings.