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Applying for an apprenticeship

We want to help you find the ideal apprenticeship for you and our recruitment process is designed to understand you, your motivations, your capabilities and try to match you to a suitable apprenticeship.

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Like with any job application and recruitment process, there are no guarantees of success at the end so we always advise you to have multiple options when planning how you take your education and career forward.

ETT Talent Pool
Our recruitment runs all year round and attracts candidates with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds.

We accept applications both in relation to a specific vacancy and also from candidates who are interested in being considered for multiple opportunities. If you know you want a career in engineering and want to follow the apprenticeship route it is worth applying and entering our Talent Pool so we can match you with any vacancies that are open or vacancies that are added in the future.

Our Talent Pool is a group of candidates who have completed their application form, successfully completed their online assessment and have completed their interview with one of our Training Officers. To enter the Talent Pool, all you have to do is tick the box on the application form to say you are happy for us to consider you for different opportunities.

Recruitment and Shortlisting
We follow an in-depth recruitment and selection process to ensure we only put forward candidates who are suitable for each vacancy. There are four stages to the process;

  1. Application: You have to complete our application form which draws out the key information we need to assess if you are suitable and motivated to do an engineering apprenticeship.
  2. Vocational Aptitude Assessment: This is an online assessment of your abilities in terms of key skills such as mechanical reasoning, understanding electrical principles, spatial awareness, principles of measurement, literacy, numeracy and general information technology ability. The results assist our team in assessing the level and type of apprenticeship you are suitable for.
  3. Telephone Interview: If your application form is suitable and you successfully complete the assessment you will be invited to a telephone interview with one of our Training Officers, all of who are engineers themselves. Within the interview our team will ask you questions to understand your motivation to work in engineering, your drive to complete an apprenticeship, your interests, skills and capabilities. The Training Officer will also talk to you about your location, your willingness to travel (or not, that is fine too) and your willingness to relocate if required should you not be located close to any of our vacancies. Lastly they talk to you about the vacancies, both in terms of current availability and what you would want to be considered for in the future.
  4. Shortlisting: Those who have successfully completed the first three steps will be shortlisted for any vacancies suited to them. We meet on a weekly basis to discuss the shortlisting of candidates, both in terms of those who only want to be considered for a specific vacancy and those from the Talent Pool. This is an ongoing process, so if you are shortlisted and unsuccessful for one vacancy, then you will be put forward for others that we feel you are suited to.


Employer Interviews and Selection  
In order for our partner employers to get the right person for their business, the final stage of the process is completed by each employer.

We provide the employer with a shortlist of candidates who we feel are suitable for the vacancy. They then decide which candidates they would like to interview for the role. Each employer has a different process and we will speak with each candidate to assist you at every stage. Ultimately the decision of who the employer takes on is theirs. 

Once the employer knows who they want to employ, they will send the candidate and official offer of employment. This will follow their normal process in order to employ the candidate and we too will complete the necessary paperwork required of us as the Training Provide in order to begin to plan getting the apprenticeship started.

You can submit a general application to be considered for all our current and future vacancies or see our current open vacancies by clicking here >