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Celebrating 100 Years of Women in Engineering

We had the pleasure to welcome our apprentices, past and present, our guest speaker Helen Ramsay from Abbott Diabetes Care and our event sponsors to our Women in Engineering Lunch at the Bicester Golf Club in June 2019 to celebrate the Centenary of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES).

WES, founded in 1919 a small committee was drawn from the

National Council of Women, which was created during the

1914-18 war to get women into work, releasing men for the

armed forces. This group of influential women had government

backing to support women engineers who, although welcomed

into the profession during world war 1, were under pressure

at the end of the war to leave the workforce to release

jobs for men returning from the forces. These women founded

WES, not only to resist this pressure, but also to promote

engineering as a rewarding job for women as well as men.


At today’s lunch we would also like to celebrate our apprentices’ success

at having chosen a career path which is unfortunately still male

dominated. However, things are changing and our apprentices

here today both past and present are testament to that.


Our Sponsons:  Oxford Instruments, Norbar Torque Tools and FMB Oxford Ltd.

Our Speaker:  Helen Ramsay, Abbott Diabetes Care

Women in Engineering
Women in Engineering