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An engineering apprenticeship combines practical and academic learning delivered both on and off the job. As an apprentice you are employed from day one and as such entitled to a salary and other employee benefits. In addition you will not incur any debt during your apprenticeship, all your training is funded by the employer and the government.

Engineering apprenticeships can take up to 4 years to complete, which is not surprising given the significant skills and knowledge that need to be absorbed. Typically a level 2 apprenticeship will take 2 years and a level 3 apprenticeship 4 years. The time does however go very quickly.

During the first year you will spend time at a local college/provider studying both practical and academic subjects. The college/provider selected will depend on where you live and the courses they offer. You would not be expected to attend a college/provider that was difficult to travel to.

The subsequent year(s) are spent on the job following a company training plan, which takes you around the business working in various departments.  This is necessary to gain the knowledge and experience required to successfully take on your final role. This may include time in admin, finance and stores; however the majority of the time will be spent in the technical areas.