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The Leaders Award 2020/21

What is the Leaders Award?

We are very pleased to be a Regional Partner for the ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do?’ competition, known as the 'Leaders Award', an annual competition run by Primary Engineer.

The UK-wide competition is for both primary and secondary age pupils with entries divided into 19 regions. The aim is for engineering professionals to give pupils a better understand of the engineering world, the opportunities within the sector and the routes they may like to follow in the future.

Pupils interview engineering professionals, identify a problem then create a drawn and annotated solution in response to the question, ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do?’. More detail below!

Get Involved

  • Schools

    Getting involved in the competition offers pupils the opporunity to interview engineers about their career paths and motivation. It is a creative, problem solving, literacy and entrepreneurial project which annually involves over 49,000 pupils nationwide. As pupils interview engineers and research engineering in general they are encouraged to look at the world around them to find problems an engineered solution could solve.

    You can sign up anytime, access the resources and be ready for when the 2020/21 competition begins.


  • Engineers

    We’re looking for engineering professionals to inspire the next generation of engineers. Getting involved in the competition gives pupils an insight into your area of engineering, the job you do, your achievements and the route you took into the profession. You can either visit a local school in person or conduct an online interview that can be accessed by pupils nationwide. You are also welcome to attend grading days where entries to the competition are evaluated and attend the award events where the winning entries are announced.  

    To get involved or for more information please register your details.


More about the competition

The South England Region includes Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex and offers a brilliant opportunity for pupils to be inspired by local engineering professionals.
Entries are shortlisted by engineering professionals at grading days in each region and panels in each region select entries from each year group to win awards.
Awards ceremonies and public exhibitions in each region showcase the ingenuity of pupils and their solutions to problems. All pupils entering the competition are sent certificates which are graded from Participated, Merit, Distinction and Shortlisted. These events within each region bring pupils, teachers, parents, carers, family members and the public together to see what the pupils have created.
‘Proto teams’ from selected universities make the winning entries, bringing the pupils designs to life!

Our Partners

The Primary Engineer and Secondary Engineer Leaders Awards are part of and operated by Primary Engineer Programmes. Click on the logos to find out more.