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Assessing Fitness

Rob Alderman, one of our training officers embarked on one of the bigger challenges he has taken on, competing in this year’s Barcelona Marathon. All 26.2 miles of it.

He started his training in November and was training through the winter months covering over 400 miles during this time. As part of the training he also completed the very cold Farnborough half marathon in January, all of the hard work and training paid off as on the 11th of March Rob completed the marathon in 4hrs 31 mins, 10,074th out of 20,000 runners. Rob said “he was very happy to report not a single step was walked but it did get very tough at 22 miles”.  

The story does not end there as two weeks later he was back in Europe again this time on his bike competing in a cycling event in Belgium. The event was over 85 miles and took in some very spectacular scenery and some very poignant memorials as the route passed several of the World War One battlefields and also riding through the famous Menin gate in Iper, if 85 miles was not enough to contend with the ride also had over 4,000ft of hills to tackle with two of which were 23%, including the famous Belgian cobbles, but again we are pleased to report Rob succeeded in his quest and completed the course in 5hrs 25 mins averaging 15.6 MPH.  So jolly good effort.’

Well Done Rob